At COCOBLANC, we are fully aware that we are the ephemeral hosts of a magnificent and wild environment, but fragile and threatened. Respecting the ocean and the land that surrounds us, the women, men and animals that live there, is as much a necessity as a duty. In our daily actions, for the purchases we make, for the products we use, we strive to make the best possible choices to help preserve nature, limit our carbon footprint, fight against discrimination and exploitation of people.

Cocoblanc is a boutique workshop of pearls, jewelry and clothing on the island of Moorea in French Polynesia


COCOBLANC’s jewelry and clothing collections are imagined, designed and made in Moorea. Whenever possible, we source locally and choose our partners for raw materials, supplies, accessories, communication materials and non-collection items with care and discernment.


For our COCOBLANC jewelry, we work with the fairest materials we can find, appropriate to our handcraftship. We use very few precious or semi-precious stones, out of ethical choice and passion for the Tahitian pearl, which deserves our exclusive attention. Our Polynesian-inspired COCOBLANC garments are created in an eco-responsible manner by using natural fibers as much as possible.

Cocoblanc Moorea: ethical jewelry and clothing


To limit our impact on the environment, we have deliberately chosen to present our jewelry in cardboard boxes. The certificates of origin and authenticity of our beads are printed on recycled paper. Likewise, our boutique bags and hang tags are mainly made of recycled paper. We minimize the use of chemicals that are harmful to the environment, both in our manufacturing processes and in the daily maintenance of our work and sales areas.