Tahitian pearl jewelry


At COCOBLANC, we want to honor authentic Polynesia by creating original jewelry and clothing directly inspired by the beauty of tropical nature and the warm sincerity of Tahitians.

We also share in our boutique our singular finds in the fields of fashion and jewelry, unearthed in the four corners of French Polynesia. Like our own creations, they celebrate local know-how and respect our ethical values.


COCOBLANC collections are designed and manufactured in our workshop boutique in Moorea. We prefer to use local products, materials and know-how.
At COCOBLANC, the Tahitian pearl is enough to sublimate the person who wears it.

At COCOBLANC, we are fully aware that we are the ephemeral hosts of a magnificent and wild environment, but fragile and threatened. Respecting the ocean and the land that surround us, the women, men and animals that live there, is as much a necessity as a duty. In our daily actions, for the purchases we make, for the products we use, we strive to make the best possible choices to help preserve nature, limit our carbon footprint, fight against discrimination and exploitation of people.

At COCOBLANC, no overflowing shelves, but a reasoned offer at affordable prices.
For our fashion collections, we favor comfortable cuts, fluid materials and unique models.
For our jewels, we prefer straightforward and clean lines. These are the ones that best enhance the majestic purity of the black pearl.

Last but not least, it is passion that led us to take up the COCOBLANC challenge: passion for the riches of Polynesia, passion for the creation of crafts, passion for meetings and exchanges…
Without it, COCOBLANC would not be this marvelous shared adventure which carries us a little further each day, with you and thanks to you.


They emanate from the wonders offered by Polynesia.
First, the black pearl: its perfect roundness or dented, its dark dress splashed with striking colors, its natural brilliance born of the lagoon stimulate our creativity to infinity. The pearl gives the jewel its unique soul, the pearl makes the wearer unique.

The richness of the vegetation of our islands is our other inexhaustible source of inspiration: fruits, flowers, barks, fibers, leaves, veins are as many forms, patterns, textures and colors to infuse endlessly in our collections.

Not to mention the “mana spirit“, the “superior force” of Polynesian nature and soul. Once a spiritual strength that gave power to those who were possessed by it, mana imposes itself on those who walk on the sacred soil of the fenua. It is felt in a very personal way and translates into an energy that emanates from nature as well as from living beings and is reflected in beautiful, simple and pure things.


COCOBLANC is an original brand of clothing and pearl jewelry created in Moorea in 2003. We took over in 2023 with the desire to continue to arouse emotions with unique jewelry with clean lines and trendy tropical-inspired fashion, in an unchanged location, gradually revisited as a concept store: our workshop boutique in Moorea’s Tumai shopping center.

More than the heritage of a history of several decades, the name COCOBLANC has imposed itself on us because it reflects our ideals and the spirit in which we wish to flourish.

Because the coconut tree is the tree of life par excellence. Its fruit, the coconut, offers to the inhabitants of the islands its infinitely clear water, its white flesh image of purity, its oil which soothes and beautifies, its fibers which nourish and fertilize the earth. In the tradition, the coconut is the purest form of offering to the gods.

Tahitian pearl jewelry