If you are not a resident of French Polynesia, you have the possibility, under certain conditions, to take advantage of tax-free sales. You will then benefit from the VAT exemption of 16% on all your purchases at COCOBLANC and will therefore only pay the amount of your purchases excluding tax.

To do this, there is a simple procedure and a few conditions to respect:

  • Be a non-resident of French Polynesia
  • Reach a minimum purchase amount of 15,000 xpf including VAT of goods
  • Present us with your passport and your plane ticket justifying your departure within a maximum of 6 months
  • Commit yourself to complete the mandatory formalities to validate the complete tax-free process (below).

On the day of your departure from French Polynesia, the formalities are the following:

  • Keep your purchases with you, not in your suitcase, so that you can present them if requested by Customs at Tahiti International Airport.
  • Once you’ve passed passport and security checks, time-stamp the 2 copies of the Export Sales Form you received and completed when you made your purchase at COCOBLANC with the self-service time-stamping machine.
  • Simply slip pink copy no. 2 into the stamped envelope provided by COCOBLANC, and deposit it in the nearby letterbox. The second copy (yellow) should be kept with you in case of a Customs check before boarding.

Your departure from the territory is then recorded and you are exempted from the VAT due on your purchases.

ATTENTION : if you do not complete these formalities, you will then be liable for the amount of taxes up to 16% of the amount excluding VAT of your purchases from COCOBLANC and will have to regularize.